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Still Waters is currently a leveling guild on the Project 1999 EQ EMU server. We are a friendly group of people who have a passion for old school EverQuest. Our goal at the moment is to offer a place where people can get together and help each other level. This guild at the core is made up of ex-EverQuest players with years of experience raiding end game content in the early 2000’s. At some point we would like to raid again but that is sometime off in the future. As of now anyone is welcome, please follow the rules of this server and keep in mind that if you’re wearing our guild tag that you no longer just represent yourself but our group as a whole. Please conduit yourself in a respectful manner and let’s build a name to be proud of in this community. If you would like to join us please send a message to a current member in game or post a request on this site.

Guild News


marudach, Feb 16, 12 11:55 AM.

Website Now Open For Business

Stenmin, Jan 21, 12 1:21 PM.

Granting of membership to the website has begun. Not only can you grind XP in Norrath but you can also now rack XP here for fabulous achievements and glorious medals!

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